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PRE-INSPECTION is really more of a PRE-QUOTE.


Pre- inspection gives you an OPPORTUNITY to explain exactly how you would like a room cleaned, specific problem areas, and an explanation of the various spots and stains and marks in the carpeting.


This is also an opportunity for us to MAKE NOTE of any imperfections, payers, or permanent stains that they cannot be held accountable for.


Please note, that even though we have a VERY HIGH SUCCESS RATE, it would be wrong of us to 100% guarantee to remove every single stain. We will try though.


During our pre-inspection we will explain why your TRAFFIC AREAS may or may not return to their pristine brand-new condition. Traffic areas look more worn and dirtier in nearly every household.

You can keep your carpet looking cleaner longer by vacuuming the high-traffic areas on a daily basis.


After analyzing a carpet, and having a COMPLETE WRITTEN REPORT of the carpets condition, fiber type, problems, and maintenance schedule, we will outline the services we can provide.



1 - per-inspection

2 - preparing the room

3 - dry vacum

4- prespray and stain removal

5- agitation and downtime

6- deep cleaninge process

7- post-inspection

8- carpet protector (optional)

9 - fast drying / grooming/ finishing


Finally our carpet cleaning pre-inspection will clearly outline “the why” of the costs involved in RESTORING your CARPETS HEALTH AND BEAUTY, and a specific quotation of how much each of those items might cost.


As a professionals we know, YOU WILL BENEFIT from this.


We believe that both the client and the cleaner need a complete understanding and education in the needs of each individual household or business in order to DO THE VERY BEST POSSIBLE JOB.





This is done by using a heavy- duty commercial vacuum cleaner. Ideal for health and childcare facilities, our vacuum features High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters.


HEPA Filters  captures dust and allergen particles down to 3 microns in size.


During this process we will also remove pet hair. We cannot guarantee to remove every single hair as that would be impossible but we can remove 99%.


Dry -Vacuuming removes dust that is hard to eliminate once damp. Removing dry soil is one of the most important steps in cleaning.

Failure to begin with this basic step can mean that this dirt is never properly removed.

 Pre-spray is a chemical substance which is applied by a high pressure sprayer.


Our professional strength pre-spray cleaner is great for wool, wool-mix, stain resistant nylon and other pH sensitive, wet-cleanable carpets, rugs and upholstery fabrics.


It is also WoolSafe approved maintenance product for wool carpets and rugs.


This solution does a fair amount of the ground work in breaking up sticky bonds that the dirt has to the carpet pile.


Stains are analyzed and appropriate stain removal solutions are applied in order to breakdown the stain.



We will help you move certain moveable furnishings eg. coffee tables, chairs.


For insurance reasons, we would ask that you move your smaller, valuable items e.g. ornaments before we arrive.




To achieve PROPER agitation and distribution of pre-conditioning chemicals into the carpet pile for maximum soil suspension we use the best rotary machine on the market – ROTOWASH.




The next step in professionally cleaning, involves a carpet extractor which provides enough heat to truly penetrate tough spots in carpet.


Dirt doesn’t stand a chance!



Its twin cylindrical contra-rotating brushes are capable of producing a high quality clean on all floor surfaces including difficult to clean carpets and hard safety flooring.


When in use the brushes rotate at 650 r.p.m. and exert up to ten times the pressure of conventional rotary scrubbing machines.


Our machines use up to 90% less water and cleaning chemical than other conventional cleaning methods.


Then our cleaning solution  is left to dwell on the carpet for a significant and sufficient period to work optimally, which is safe and appropriate for the carpet type.



The carpet extractor sucks up and extracts that water, solution and dirt leaving a newly clean carpet behind.


Note that rental machines use some of the technology from the professional systems, but with less power and usually without an element to heat water the results are limited.


Our powerful carpet cleaning machine is amazing!


It has a 500psi pump and a dual two-stage vacuum motor removes more water and soil, allowing carpets to dry faster.


The heated water with our gentle chemicals is able to break apart most of dirt particles. Natural fibers are cleaned with hot water extraction only (not steam) to prevent shrinkage.



You will be ask to inspect the carpets to to ensure you are fully satisfied with our work.

After clean your carpet, we dry out the carpets using heavy-duty turbo air blowers.


Your carpets will be then groomed with a special carpet brush.This step allows the protector to be massaged into the carpet and help with fast drying.


We then reposition your furnishings and place protective tabs underneath the legs.


All skirting boards we will wipe down of any over spray.


We leave the turbo driers on whilst we pack away our equipment to ensure that your carpets dry in the minimum time possible.



Professionally applied protector will:


  • Provide an umbrella-like barrier that repels oil and liquid away from carpet fibers.

  • Protect  fiber - from the tips all the way to the carpet backing.

  • Prevent spills from sinking deep into your carpet.

  • Keep your high traffic areas looking better

  • Make spots easier to remove

  • Make your professional cleaning last longer

  • Act as a renovator for previously treated carpets

  • Make your home instantly healthier and dramatically helping those with allergies.

  • Will not alter the look, feel or breathability of fabrics


After our proffessional carpet cleaning work is complete we ask you to fill in a satisfaction form to ensure that you are happy with the work carried out.


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